Why Cape Town?

South Africa's oldest city clings to Africa's southern tip, with the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the warm Indian Ocean to the east, and imposing Table Mountain above. From Cape Town you can explore the dramatic natural environment nearby, the Cape Winelands, or the cozy cafes and shops in this multicultural city's thriving neighborhoods, while earning your TEFL certificate with our dedicated Teacher Trainers.

Your TEFL Course in Cape Town

Cape Town Activities
  • Maasai Warriors
    Maasai Warriors
  • Foxy Beach
    Foxy Beach
  • Bo Kaap
    Bo Kaap
  • Woodstock
Cape Town Activities
Cape Town Activities
Map of Cape Town
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Learn to Teach English in cape Town:

Our course in Cape Town is run by locals who are passionate about their community and about giving their students the best service possible. We teach you to facilitate your students' learning experience, so they stay happy and engaged. You'll learn useful methodologies and activities to use in your classroom, as well as classroom management, lesson-planning, and how to find work. You can then choose to do your practice teaching in our school or in a local classroom. Our school is located in a university suburb just minutes from the city center and close to the mountains and the beach.

Course Highlights:

  • Highly trained, motivated, and experienced TEFL Trainers
  • Accommodation in home-stays, student flats, apartments, or guesthouses
  • Job support and online community
  • Local nonprofit and volunteer opportunities, during and after your course
  • Affiliated with the Cape Chamber of Commerce, Cape Town Tourism, IATEFL

Online TEFL

  • TEFL Theory & Methods
  • Online TEFL Certificate

Cape Town

  • TEFL Theory & Methods
  • Teaching Practice
  • TEFL Certificate
  • Job Support

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